Everglades Holiday Park has been named the number one theme park in South Florida by a local TV station. Whether you’ve been visiting for years, or you’re still making plans to come to South Florida, here are eight reasons why the 29-acre “Gateway to the Everglades” is a great place to visit.

  1. Alligators: Home to a big chunk of Florida’s alligator population, the Everglades Holiday Park features this reptile up close and personal. Nature’s ancestral dinosaur can be seen navigating the waterways or submerged in the Sawgrass marsh. These massive lizard-like swimmers can grow up to 15 feet long and can weigh 1,000 pounds.
  2. The Gator Boys: Everglades Holiday Park is home to the reality TV show stars The Gator Boys. The Animal Planet program features two of the most popular gator wrestlers. When you visit the Everglades Holiday Park, one of the features included in your ticket is a show with the potentially hazardous exploits of these expert alligator wranglers.
  3. Airboat Rides: There is only one Everglades in the world, and only one way to see it! Tour the exotic nature of the Everglades while relaxing on the covered passenger airboat. These airboat tours take you for over an hour exploring the wildlife of the Everglades. Enjoy the thrill and adventure of gliding over the murky waters in search of tropical birds, snakes, fish, and yes, the infamous alligators.
  4. Just bring yourself; Everglades Holiday Park has everything else: Whether you forgot your water bottle, fishing line, or snacks for the kids, the Everglades Holiday Park has all your needs covered with their twenty-four hour General Store and Bait & Tackle Shop.
  5. Fishing: Catch a record-breaking fish at the Everglades Holiday Park with the peaceful and unique backdrop of this special environment. Venture in the nature surrounding you on your own or ask for a professional fishing guide trip which includes the boat, rods, and artificial baits. You don’t have a fishing license? No problem! The Everglades Holiday Park has a Florida State License office right in the park for your convenience.B
  6. Boat Rentals: If fishing is not your cup of tea, try renting a boat just to discover the beautiful wildlife of the Everglades Holiday Park. What a cool way to explore!
  7. Everglades Wildlife: The alligators aren’t the only thing you can see on a trip to the Everglades Holiday Park. This wet, subtropical environment includes a variety of plants and animals you won’t find anywhere else. Appreciate the allure of the natural environment of the birds like the whooping crane or the great blue heron. Observe the unique plant life like the recognizable cypress tree or the aquatic white water lily. Keep your eyes open for all sorts of fun and interesting species. You’ll see something different on every visit!
  8. Family Fun: Spend quality time with the whole family on an adventure to the Everglades Holiday Park. From the thrilling airboat rides to the heart stopping Gator Boys show, there’s something for the whole family to enjoy. Take advantage of this cost effective opportunity to bring your loved ones to see, up close and personal, these amazing creatures and wildlife in their natural habitat.

Don’t hesitate: Bring the whole family visit Everglades Holiday Park this weekend.

Visit Everglades Holiday Park for more information or call (954) 434-8111.

Above content has been provided by Everglades Holiday Park



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