MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Less than a week old, Zoo Miami is celebrating the birth of five piglets–African red river hogs to be exact.

Born to “Penny,” a first time mother who was born at the Oklahoma City Zoo, and “Baloo,” also a first time father born at the San Diego Wild Animal Park, the three males and two females were born on February 28.

The piglets are the first of this species ever born at Zoo Miami.

The mother and her piglets are currently separated from the rest of the group and will remain off-exhibit for the next several days. The separation is done by the staff at Zoo Miami to ensure bonding between mother and babies and also to make sure they are secure with their surroundings.

SLIDESHOW: See photos of the 5 piglets born at Zoo Miami

Red river hogs are a common wild pig found throughout the rainforests, wet savannas, and waterways of western and central Africa.

The species gets its name from their coarse red hair and their tendency to be found along the water.

Red river hogs are very social animals found in groups, called sounders, of up to 20 individuals. The species feeds on a wide range of food including roots, fruits, grasses, small animals, insects, and sometimes carrion.

Their gestation period is approximately 4 months and the average litter size is 2-4 piglets. They can live for over 20 years in captivity.


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