By Carey Codd

BROWARD (CBSMiami) – The Broward Sheriff’s Office says an alert detective heading to work on Wednesday morning noticed an apparent fellow deputy stuck on the side of I-95.

The real deputy slowed to make sure his colleague wasn’t in need of assistance and over the course of the next few minutes discovered some unusual things on the other officer’s car — like a large yellow “Sheriff’s” placard on the front dash, a 954 COP license plate with a BSO star in the middle and a blue sticker signifying that the vehicle had specialized police equipment on it.

BSO spokesperson Keyla Concepcion said the real deputy was very perceptive.

“It was excellent detective work by this detective,” Concepcion said. “He ran his tag, noticed that it didn’t come back to a law enforcement vehicle and proceeded to do a traffic stop.”

Inside the car BSO says they found BSO clothes, tactical gear like mace, handcuffs and a gun. BSO says the driver — Philippe Elie — told the detective he worked for the agency but the ID he produced was a fake.

“He had an ID but apparently cut out a Sheriff’s star from a business card or something of that nature and placed it on top to make it legitimate somehow,” Concepcion said.

BSO says the detective wanted to know what Elie was doing on the side of I-95 during rush hour.

“He asked him why was he pulled over in the HOV lane and he was monitoring for anyone committing infractions in the HOV lane,” Concepcion said. “This is bizarre.”

Investigators say Elie was a volunteer member of the Citizens Observer Patrol for a time but had been removed because he wasn’t participating. BSO says none of the stuff in Elie’s car was provided to Elie through the program.

CBS 4 News tracked Elie down Friday but he wasn’t happy to see us.

“Can you talk to us about these allegations?” a reporter asked him.

“No. No comment,” Elie replied, before closing his garage door.

However, a CBS 4 camera did see an SUV with the 954 COP license plate and blue sticker in Elie’s driveway.

BSO says they want to know if anyone was pulled over by Elie. They want you to report it to Broward Crimestoppers at 954 493 TIPS.

BSO says if you are pulled over and question if it’s a legitimate officer, you can ask for ID. They said you can also call 911 because an officer will have to inform their dispatchers when they pull someone over.

Source: BSO

Source: BSO

Source: BSO

Source: BSO

Source: BSO


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