MIAMI (CBSMiami) — “Dol-fans” are reeling from the disappointing season.  The team hasn’t been to the playoffs in five years.

It’s been 14 years since they won a game in the playoffs. A day after the season ending loss to the Jets, fans sounded off about the team and what they would like to see happen.

“We are an 8 and 8 football team.  That’s an average record.  That’s 500.” a  disappointed Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin said.

Ironically season ticket holder Chuck Gill was using the same word:  Average.  The word of the day, perhaps the season.  Gill explained “People pay good money to go out there.  They don’t want to see average.  They can stay home and do something else.  There is plenty of things to do in South Florida.  We want to see a product that is better than just average.”

Gill like many “Dol-fans” is still coming to terms with the fact he’s not toasting the playoffs today and instead drowned his sorrows.  Daniel Lupein another “Dolfan” saddled at the Miller Ale House in Davie told us “That’s it.  There is nothing to be done.  You need a big, big clean over.”  Disappointment from Dolphin fans is everywhere.  “Every year everyone always hopes, but we are always let down.” Dolphin fan Paul Grant said.

Miami Herald Sports Columnist Armando Salguero has covered the team since 1990, and witnessed a lot of heartache.

“Dolphin fans are saints.  Dolphin fans have been pummeled year after year after year after year.  I can understand why the stadium every year is less filled and increasingly so.  It’s hard to give money to an organization that betrays you a lot.” Salguero summarized.  This season was not the exception.  He explained “8 and 8 is average.  It’s mediocre.  The feeling is not one mediocrity.  The feeling is one of devastation because they had the playoffs within their grasps.  They were 8 and 6. All they needed to do was beat one of two losing teams.”

While many NFL teams fired coaches and staff the Dolphins did none of that.

“I’m confident there will be, but I’m not right now, there is none to be addressed right now,” Philbin told reporters.

Salguero believes a lot is on the table.

“I think everyone is in jeopardy.  When I talked to Stephen Ross he said, “Everybody.  I have to re-think about everybody and think about everything.”

Just as season ticket holders are doing right now.  Gill shrugged as he reached for his drink. “Will I do it again?  I got wait a couple of weeks.  After this last loss to the Jets. That was a tough loss.  That was a tough one to watch.”


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