By Ted Scouten

FT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – A woman locked up in Broward’s jail since she reportedly created a ruckus on a Christmas Eve red eye flight from Los Angeles to Ft. Lauderdale has been released on bond.

“I want a taxi to the (expletive) airport so I can go home,” Trisha Sen told reporters as she left the jail Thursday afternoon.

Sen was led off a JetBlue plane in handcuffs around 6 a.m. on Christmas Eve after she was accused of scratching a pilot who was trying to speak with her.  She then allegedly struggled with flight attendants who tried to restrain her.

“I did not hit them,” said Sen.  “It was self-defense because they were beating me.  The has two scratches, my entire body is full of bruises.”

Showing her bruises to reporters, Sens maintained that she was not the aggressor.

“This was done to me on the airplane because the stewardess said I wasn’t complying with her well enough,” said Sens.  “So she had the entire staff attack me. And then I was arrested.”

A passenger tweeted, “”Strangest flight yet – red eye, lady goes nuts and starts yelling all over the place, she is cuffed and subdued in the back of the plane…”

According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Sen was aggravated and pacing in the aisle after the flight attendant refused to serve her another drink.

“I was not drunk,” said Sen.

“Why would they say you couldn’t have another drink,” asked CBS4’s Ted Scouten.

“The woman decided to cut me off, which is fine, that’s their right. I just tried to get back to my seat and I was attacked,” said Sen.

An off duty Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy on the flight stepped in to restrain Sens until the plane landed and Broward Sheriff’s deputies took her into custody. Sen was supposed to meet her family in Colombia for Christmas.  Thursday morning she just wanted to get back home.

“I would like to please get to the airport, so if you could please get out of my face,” she told the reporters waiting for her outside the jail.  “I think I’ve given you a statement, I would like to find a taxi.”

Sen made her first appearance in bond court Christmas morning to face a battery charge.

JetBlue put out a statement which said “a female customer was aggressive on board Flight 100.”

The statement went to say that, “She was restrained on board where she subsequently scratched and possibly bit a JetBlue Crewmember.”

In court, Sen tried to speak to the judge.

“I have no priors whatsoever m’am,” she said. “And the gentleman who was charging me with…”

That’s when the judge cut her off,

“No, no, no,” the judge said, “Don’t tell me about the facts of your case, okay, we’re going to save that for your trial judge.”

JetBlue did not confirm what caused the problems on board, but said it led to a disruption.


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