HOLLYWOOD (CBSMiami) — A Broward County judge said Laniel Singleton needs to remain in jail without bond while he awaits trial on charges of taking part in a vicious attack on a 16-year-old girl in Hollywood last month.

Hollywood Police and prosecutors say Singleton admitted recording the attack on a cellphone. Portions of that video were played in court Thursday during Singleton’s bond hearing.

The video is raw, violent and difficult to watch. Police say the video shows Ericka Avery and Patricia Montes dragging the victim around a house by her hair, relentlessly punching and kicking the victim and leaving her with a bloody face and two hugely swollen eyes. On the video the women are heard shouting demands at the victim to remove her clothes and demanding that she be brought outside where the beating continued. The victim is seen fighting back against her attackers but she was outnumbered.

Also on the video, the victim is heard crying and begging to be let go.

“Take me home,” she moans.

But there is no help for her. Police say the group of 5 — Avery, Montes, Singleton, Dwight Henry and Jayvon Woolfork — refused to allow the victim to leave unless she had sex with Woolfork.

Police say the victim was raped by Woolfork, while Montes and Avery held the girls legs down while Henry and Singleton held her arms down.

Prosecutors also played a recording of the interview between Singleton and Hollywood Police detective Bryan Rousell after Singleton was detained. On that video, Singleton admitted recording the beating and telling the victim the punishment would continue unless she had sex with Woolfork. Rousell told Singleton that Montes and Avery told him Singleton helped restrain the victim during the rape. Singleton denied it.

“I swear to God on my life,” Singleton said. “No one was holding her down.”

Singleton’s attorney, Joe Pappacoda, asked Judge Lisa Porter to release Singleton on bond. Pappacoda argued that there was no evidence Singleton beat the victim or raped her. But detective Bryan Rousell said the victim told him that Singleton hit her and demanded that she undress. Rousell said Singleton is charged with participating in the attack.

“Holding her down while she’s being raped and saying, take your clothes off,” Roussell testified, of Singleton’s alleged involvement.

Porter agreed with prosecutors that Singleton should remain locked up.

“I don’t believe that bond is appropriate here for Mr. Singleton,” said Judge Lisa Porter.

Only one of the 5 people charged in the attack is out of jail — Patricia Montes. The others remain locked up although two of them — Avery and Henry — do have a bond of $100,000.

CBS 4 News spoke with several members of the victim’s family by phone. They said she is healing from her physical wounds but that emotionally and mentally she is broken.


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