MIAMI (CBSMiami) – In September, a litter of three lion cubs were born at Zoo Miami. Monday, only one remained alive and officials announced that the surviving female cub had been sent to Baltimore.

The Maryland Zoo currently has two lion cubs of similar age. Because lions are social by nature, zoo staff felt that it was important to get the surviving cub into a situation that would expose it to others of its kind on a regular basis. Institutions with lions were contacted in an effort to find one that was presently raising cubs of a similar age.

It’s all part of an effort by Zoo Miami to give the cub the best possible environment to properly socialize it to adulthood.

This cub was one of three (two males and one female) that were born at Zoo Miami on September 24th.

Following the death of the first male due to apparent maternal neglect, the remaining two were pulled for hand-rearing. Unfortunately, the second male died late last month from what appeared to be a metabolic imbalance and other symptoms that may have been a result of a congenital anomaly.


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