By Lisa Petrillo

MIAMI (CBS4) – This week Taste of the Town goes inside the kitchen of one of South Beach’s hottest eateries – Catch Miami at the James Royal Palm.

Patterned after the original uber popular dining spot in New York, Catch Miami features the best in seafood. Splitting his time between the Big Apple and Miami is the man behind the magic Chef Hung Hujnh.

“We have a fluid menu. We have a sushi section, a cold and hot section, the entrée section, the big fish section and the grilled section. You can get any style of seafood anyway you want it here at Catch,” said Hujnh.

Before opening one late afternoon Chef Hujnh prepared a Catch classic, Lobster Cantonese, for CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo made with live Maine lobsters.

“This is a very big seller in New York and here also,” he said. “It’s a dish I learned when I was 12-years old that I used to eat at a Chinese takeout spot. One day the chef brought me in the kitchen and taught me how to stir-fry and cook this dish.”

Of course this renowned chef puts his own twist on the dish.

“On this dish were going to use scallions, ginger, garlic, jalapeños, butter and our special oyster sauce,” said Hujnh.

Catch Miami’s cool interior space has a feel of Art Deco meets modern classics.

“You know you’re at Catch when you get the homemade pretzel with the honey mustard butter. Everyone goes crazy for this,” said Petrillo. “Oh boy, I can just have a plate of these.”

Petrillo said the salmon belly carpaccio served with watercress and picked onions was divine.

“The salmon dissolved on my tongue, it’s so soft and so fresh,” Petrillo said.

As for the Lobster Cantonese with a sake sauce, “I taste the sake, the lobster, it’s sweet, there’s a lot of flavors, a lot of flavors sealed in,” Petrillo said.

And for dessert, try Hujnh’s key lime donut topped with coconut sorbet and merengue.

Catch Miami. Seafood. Simply spectacular.


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