MIAMI(CBSMiami) —  The 4- year old boy attacked and bitten by a pit bull is speaking about the terrifying ordeal.  Axel Donado is doing remarkable, but the experience was painful and scary for somebody so young.

Axel told CBS4’s Jamie Guirola, “My head hurts and my ear hurts.”

Two days after being attacked and bitten by a pit bull, Axel is still in pain.  Underneath the bandages– 15 stitches on the back of his head, 3 inside his ear, and 8 more stitches on the outside.  Axel also has bruises and bite marks on his back.

“The doctors put me the thing on. I was sleeping in the hospital bed then I wake up…the dog had sharp teeth and the dog teeth was hard,” said Axel.

These pit bulls were playful with us but were barking a different tune with Axel and his family.

Axel said his mom was screaming and he went outside because he wanted to help.

The pit bulls were on the other side of a fence. They got underneath the gate, charged Axel’s mother and Chihuahua.  Axel heard the screams, came out to help his mother and that’s when he got attacked by the pit bull

Axel said, “The dog bite me in the ears and I tried to run.”

The pit bull also took a bite out of Lolita, the family Chihuahua.

“Pit bull is too bad, Chihuahuas too cute,” said Axel.

Axel’s father, Oscar, said, “They’re gonna see we have to go back Tuesday.  They said he was lucky. He’s so lucky because normally pit bulls bite right here on the neck.”

Axel’s father says the problem with the pit bull has forced him and his family out of their apartment and in with a relative.

Oscar said, “It hurts.  You know everything. I already buy my Christmas tree to put it there and now I have to put it in the storage and it feels bad really, really bad.”

Axel said, “I don’t want to come [go] back because the dog will come bite me, come find me.”

The family moved out and says their neighbors didn’t even apologize. Meanwhile, the pit bulls are still there.  They are under a 10-day quarantine.  After that they’ll have to be removed or leave the county since  it’s illegal in Miami-Dade. The people who have the pit bulls are facing fines of up to $1500.


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