MIAMI (CBSMiami) — It was business as usual at Miami International Airport despite the chaos after Friday morning’s deadly shooting at LAX in Los Angeles.

The first flight into MIA from LAX  landed  within the hour of the shooting.

“I got a text that said check your messages and a friend of mine said, ‘hey there was a shooting in terminal 3,” said Arlene Anderson who had just arrived from LAX.

The group flew to MIA to board a cruise to the Caribbean this weekend.

“We know other people who are getting on flights to come here,” said Rita Koechowski who also arrived from LAX.

“They’re not gonna make it from LAX,” said Anderson.

One woman choked back emotion as she found out about the shooting and admitted it could happen anywhere.

“I had a brother who used to be a TSA agent before he re-enlisted in the army.  So, it kinda hits close to home, you know and the people who actually work in that area.  And knowing that there’s people still flying out,” said Colleen Schulz who also arrived from LAX.

Meanwhile, flights out of MIA to LAX remained unchanged but news of a man pulling an assault rifle out of a bag and opening fire in the middle of a terminal frightened, confused and maddened another flyer.

“I’m just shocked at this information,” said Pefi Kingi who’s flying to LAX. Now I’m in trepidation and what have you to offer by way of solace to the travelers that are due to go through LA right now?  I’d be concerned about that.  What have you got in terms of damage control, because I’m not willing to stay in your country now for a few more hours even. I wanna get home.”


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