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Not a lot of time for a full agenda today, but we’ll give you the picks of the weekend, game of the weekend, and your upset special all ahead in the agenda!

Quote of the Day:
“If at first you don’t succeed….so much for skydiving.” – Henny Youngman

Quote of the Day Part II:
“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.” – Oscar Wilde

College Football:
UM and FSU have one game before they square off in a Top Ten matchup next Saturday.
UF is off, and lord knows they need it.
And my mighty Mizzou is facing the Ol’ Ball Coach and the South Carolina Gamecocks!
Here are your lead pipe lock picks!
Louisville over South Florida
Northwestern over Iowa
Oklahoma State over Iowa State
Miami over Wake Forest
Texas A&M over Vandy
Clemson over Maryland
Alabama over Tennessee
Texas Tech over Oklahoma ***upset special***
Notre Dame over Air Force
LSU over Furman
Missouri over South Carolina….please, please, please, please, please!
Oregon over UCLA
Ole miss over Idaho
Texas over TCU ***upset special***
Ohio State over Penn State
Oregon State over Stanford ***upset special

Wow, talk about a Jekyll and Hyde team…that is your Miami Dolphins this year.
So which team will show up?
Who knows at this point…but I’m fascinated to see if Mount McKinnie plays this week…my gut tells me yes if he can pick up the scheme fast enough.
Given he’s played for about 13 years, I’d say he probably can.
By the way, did anyone watch the Carolina vs. Tampa Bay game on Thursday night….*crickets*
Okay, let’s dive in and here are your picks for the weekend!
Dallas over Detroit
San Fran over Jacksonville
KC over Cleveland
New England over Miami
New Orleans over Buffalo
Giants over Philly
Jets over Bengals
Raiders over Steelers
Cardinals over Falcons
Broncos over Redskins
Packers over Vikings
And…Seahawks over Rams


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