George Hamilton’s Fountain Of Youth

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Actor George Hamilton talks to CBS4's Lisa Petrillo. (Source: CBS4)

Actor George Hamilton talks to CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo. (Source: CBS4)

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Actor George Hamilton has appeared in more than 400 films through his 60 year career, as well as hundreds of appearances in TV shows. He’s known for his sharp wit, great sense of humor, flirtatious ways and of course, that bronzed and beautiful HamilTAN!

“Do you still do get a lot of sun?” asked CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo.

“I do, every day,” replied Hamilton.

“Do you use sunscreen?”

“No, I don’t. Safe sun is not really my idea.”

But staying young and healthy is. And these days the vigorous 74-year old’s secret to that is a product he’s been using for years called Drink Youth Infusion. He’s the national spokesperson for the vitamin drink that includes 35 vitamins and minerals. It’s a powder packet he swears by.

“The truth of the matter is it’s all of the necessary vitamins that you need. The problem with America’s food supply is that we’ve got plenty of it but our top soil is kind of depleted. So people have to have the basic nutrients, the vital nutrients. And it’s in that,” he explained.

Hamilton was in South Florida recently to talk about the product and visit his long time BFF Don Soffer, at Soffer’s hotel Turnberry Isle.

“You guys have been best friends for years,” said Petrillo.

“Yes, but we don’t admit it,” George joked.

And when it comes to the ladies this confirmed bachelor knows the ropes.

“I have lots of girlfriends that I know that are fun to be with, fun to hang out with,” he said.

“In different cities?” asked Petrillo.

“Yes, well, they all know about each other, I’m a totally dead honest guy. I’d never lie, as much as I look like I’d lie to you, I wouldn’t. Why? They’re going to find out anyway. Women are born with radar and men don’t get that. They know instinctively, just a whiff of the wrong perfume and you’re a dead man,” he joked.

Hamilton just completed a couple of feature films, including a  bittersweet comedy where he portrays a senior citizen afflicted with Alzheimer’s who thinks he’s Dean Martin.

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