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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Federal employees aren’t the only ones feeling a sting from the shutdown.  Private businesses will soon realize that they too will be affected, especially when it comes to hiring new employees.

The more time that passes without government funding—the more things that could go wrong. Tuesday, South Florida businesses in the middle of hiring hit a roadblock.

Leyli Jahangiri, Owner of La Bottega on the Bay in Downtown Miami, said “What it does is it doesn’t allow me to checkout a potential employee’s background so how can I verify? It kinda slows things down in the order of processing of hiring a person.”

If Jahangiri wants to hire a new employee she’ll have trouble doing it. E-verify, a government site that allows businesses to verify employment eligibility, is down due to the government shutdown.

House Republicans and Senate Democrats are holding their ground, even failing Tuesday night to fund individual services. The Senate wants to pass a clean bill to fund the government. Republicans won’t approve funding without watering down Obamacare, which is already in effect and is paid for separately.

“They’re trying to make a statement by shutting down the government and they don’t realize it’s affecting the entire world because they can’t get what they want. I find it very stubborn and very wrong,” said 21-year-old Emily Singer.

Singer has strong opinions about the shutdown–especially since her father, who works in federal court, could go home without pay. There’s only enough money to keep the courts running for two more weeks.

Singer said, “Nobody really knows how it’s going to feel if it affects them. I mean it’s going to affect me in 14-days if my family member is out of a job. Like how am I going to buy groceries and how am I going to pay for gas”.

Here’s a rundown of what is and isn’t affected:

For now, government benefits like social security and unemployment are clear.

Air travel is unaffected

Critical personnel like law enforcement and rescue personnel will still have to report to work.

A lot of people who receive government assistance like social security and unemployment also don’t have to worry.

U.S. Post Office is exempt from furloughs so the mail will continue.

Medicare and veterans care are also spared.

On the flipside, government loans are stalled.

National parks are closed.

As for businesses, E-verify may be down, but some interim policies have been created to ease the burden.  Those polices can be found here:

Click Here for a listing of what will be affected by the shutdown.


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