MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A man wanted for questioning in the murder of a southwest Miami-Dade teen has been released.

Miguel Infante and his girlfriend Raquel Delgado were taken into custody late Tuesday afternoon and questioned for hours about the death of 18-year old Tiffany Cabreja whose body was found dumped at a southwest Miami-Dade construction site.

“I didn’t kill nobody,” Infante told CBS4’s Natalia Zea. “That’s the only thing I can say. We are both innocent.”

After receiving a tip that the man they were looking for had returned to a nursery to change his clothes, Miami-Dade police mounted a massive search in him in an agricultural area near SW 220th Street and 134th Avenue.

Police say Infante ran and hid when police went to question him.

Police also confiscated a landscaping truck and processed it.

The search for Infante began Saturday when several people saw a woman’s body fall out of a commercial truck used for landscaping or lawn work that was heading east on SW 288th Street when it made a turn at 144th Avenue. The truck then stopped, the driver got out, put the body back inside the truck and drive off. A witness told police they also saw a small child in the truck.

The witness tried to follow the truck but lost it. Police found Cabreja’s body nearby a short time later.

Infante and Delgado said they were driving around with her child on Saturday. Delgado she was the one who threw herself out of the truck due to “one of my moods.”

“I was taking, dropping her daughter off and that was it. She lives right over there where that happened at,” said Infante. “So I guess they seen the work truck and said that a body fell out which was her that fell out of the truck.”

“Yeah, I threw myself out,” said Delgado. “I opened up the door and got into one of my little moods which I am not proud of, it’s embarrassing.”

Delgado also told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench, “I don’t know what I was thinking. I have been taking medication.”

She showed D’Oench the road rashes on her lower and upper back after jumping out of the truck.

“I picked her up, put her in the truck and took off,” added Infante.

Infante said he didn’t know Cabreja and had never met her. He added that he knew someone who knew her and they are “enemies.”

Infante also claimed that they didn’t run from the police. He said they picked him up at a house in Naranja. He also claimed that the police punched him and tried to force a confession from him.

“And all they did was just force me to say that I know her, I know this woman, I know this woman. I don’t know this woman and have never seen her,” said Infante.

Miami-Dade Police spokesman Detective Javier Baez told D’Oench that his agency could not respond right now to Infante’s claim that he was punched by police until after he filed a complaint. Infante said he was
thinking of filing such a complaint.

Infante said when he and Delgado were released, the police had left them with a dark warning.

“They told me they’ll catch me, that they’ll see me again.  That’s all they told me,” said Infante.

“I feel terrible about this whole thing,” said Delgado. “I hope they find whoever did this. I really do.”

Domingo Cabreja, Tiffany’s father, told investigators she went out Friday with a man who drove a large truck and had a three year old child. When he saw a picture of Infante on the news, he said that it was not the same man his daughter went out with over the weekend.

Police have not released any information concerning Infante or Delgado – including whether they have been cleared as suspects. They have only said that right now they have no suspects in this murder in custody.


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