Twins Take Unique Route To Their Birth

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A mother gave birth to her twins on the way to the hospital.  (Source: CBS4)

A mother gave birth to her twins on the way to the hospital. (Source: CBS4)

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It was around 5 a.m. Friday morning when 26 year old Jessica Stanley, her fiance Antavian Milton, and their three daughters left their Goulds home heading straight to the hospital.

Jessica’s water broke that morning and she knew her twin boys were on their way.

“I could feel baby A trying to come out so I was trying to hold him in the dad said hold on we are almost at the hospital” said Jessica Stanley.

As they were getting to the hospital on the Florida Turnpike and 152nd Street, a car cut them off and they crashed.

“I hit my head on the windshield and hit my stomach on the dashboard and that’s when the baby came out,” said Stanley.

Fortunately for everyone involved, there was a nurse who happened to be driving by who stopped to help until paramedics arrived.

Baby A which they named Antavian, II was rushed to the hospital with his mother and twin brother still inside her.

Baby A was immediately evaluated by labor and delivery nurses while Jessica was taken into surgery to deliver the second baby who was born via cesarean section and weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces, just 6 ounces less than his brother. He too was named Antavian, III.

Both babies and mom are doing just fine after their unique journey into the world.

Because he was born in the car, Antavian II will likely stay in the hospital a few more days. Mom and Antavian III will be going home Monday.

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