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Well, the University of Alabama had a bomb dropped on it yesterday, yet people don’t seem to care? Mark Sanchez is done with the New York Jets, they should be happy. The Heat brought back…Michael Beasley? Marlins rookie Jose Fernandez went out with a bang last night. And my picks of the week.

Quote of the Day:
“It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.” – Vladimir Putin

So Yahoo! Sports dropped another bomb yesterday showing five different SEC players, including two Alabama players were receiving cash while in school.
One Bama player was acting as an intermediary between the other players and agents.
Not only were the accusations made in writing, but the idiots also left a brutal paper trail that was spelled out in full by Yahoo!
But here’s the rub, especially for Miami fans…no one is acting like this is a big deal.
Let’s just put it this way, if this paper trail is there, then Alabama and the other schools should be forced to vacate victories from the time the players were there.
In other words, the last two national championships for Bama…wouldn’t exist.
It’s just a brutal report and I’m just stunned no one is making a big deal out of it like they did UM.
Here’s the problem…
People are saying it’s just a result of the system (the NCAA) being corrupt and not serving the students properly.
No argument here, but it’s the system that’s in place and the rules are the rules.
If the NCAA went after Miami, USC, and others…then they must do the same to Alabama and the other SEC teams.
Here’s the reports if you’re interested in reading it, and you should be.–documents–texts-reveal-impermissible-benefits-to-five-sec-players-202513237.html

Mark Sanchez:
Yup, the Sanchize is done in New York.
Reports are he has a labral tear in his throwing shoulder and it will require season-ending surgery.
Look, he may go somewhere else in the NFL and have a decent career.
But he fit in New York like I would fit in New York…not well.
He made a lot of mistakes true, but the Jets didn’t help him at all either.
I’ve seen a lot of dysfunctional teams…look at Tampa Bay right now…but the Jets are their own level of dysfunction.
Not that it bothers me that much.
Considering they haven’t won a Super Bowl since the 1960’s, it’s not like they should be in the national spotlight anyway.
But tonight we’ll get the Rex Ryan show again as New York battles the Patriots.
My pick: Jets upset Patriots
Why? Brady has no one to throw to and the Jets defense is a lot better than it’s getting credit for.

Miami Heat:
So I was sitting at my desk Wednesday afternoon and saw it flash across Twitter from the Miami Heat…they had signed Michael Beasley.
My first reaction…man, the Heat are trolling Twitter.
Then it sank in that it was legitimate.
I have to question the signing on a lot of levels, most notably this is the kind of player Pat Riley has said he wants to avoid.
Think about Beasley for a second and what are the first things you think of?
Marijuana, Draft Bust, More Marijuana, Drugs, More Pot, Marijuana, Squandered Talent.
And how does that fit into the Heat’s mold of quality people and players.
I know, I know…he’s not on a guaranteed contract.
Still, I’d rather have their 7-foot second-round pick from last year who shoots around 60 percent from the field.
I’d rather have an empty seat on the bench than bring Beasley in.
He’s what I call an offensive stopper…as in the offense stops when he gets the ball.
How exactly does that fit with the Heat’s offense?
Bad move Haet….bad move.

Marlins/Jose Fernandez:
Okay, now I can officially say I’m a Jose Fernandez fan.
He’s pitched lights out baseball all season long and last night enjoyed himself.
He’s the only pitcher who’s hit a single, double, and a home run.
Last night, he hot-dogged it around third base and almost started a brawl during his home run trot.
Yknow what, good for him.
He has made the Marlins interesting this year…which given the record and the talent around him is a freaking miracle.
Then the Marlins made him apologize after the game.
Please, the Fish need any pub they can get and he’s it…so get off his back and let him have some fun.
Great job this year Jose, congratulations on your National League Rookie of the Year award!

Weekend Picks:
Last weekend was tough as I went 12-5, but got one upset special pick right (Thanks Wazzou!)
Let’s see how we do this week with college football picks!
TCU over Texas Tech
Boise State over Air Force
Michigan over Akron
Louisville over Kentucky
Oklahoma over Tulsa
UCLA over Nebraska (upset special)
Fresno State over Colorado
USC over Boston College
FSU over Nevada
Oregon slaughters Tennessee
Mississippi State over Auburn
Ohio State over Cal
Notre Dame over Purdue
Ole Miss over Texas
Arizona State over Wisconsin
Alabama over Texas A&M (GAME OF THE WEEKEND) [the thinking behind my pick? You don’t beat Nick Saban twice in a row. You just don’t. Plus, don’t be surprised if some Bama player takes off Manziel’s head]

NFL Picks:
My NFL pick record last week was 11-5…let’s see how I do this week
Jets over Patriots
Falcons over Rams
Ravens over Browns
Bills over Panthers
Bears over Vikings
Packers over Redskins
Texans over Titans
Dolphins over Colts
Chiefs over Cowboys
Eagles over Chargers
Cardinals over Lions
Saints over Bucs
Broncos over Giants
Raiders over Jaguars (lead pipe lock pick)
49ers over Seahawks
Bengals over Steelers


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