MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Multiple politicians have been ensnared in scandal by questionable social media posts. Tuesday night, Polk City Republican Representative Neil Combee became the latest to run into problems on social media.

As first reported by the Broward New Times, Combee took to his Twitter account late Tuesday night and wrote, “Who Know? Did the White House Help Plan The Syrian Chemical Attack?”

He then linked to a conspiracy theorist site that is peddling a theory by Yossef Bodansky alleging the U.S. may be behind the attack.

Combee would then begin a Twitter argument with Representative Alan Williams before Combee said of the White House, “they lied about Fast &Furious-Benghazi-IRS-You can keep your Dr-pretty silly to bite on anything they try to feed u.”

After saying to Williams, an African-American representative, that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. condemned domestic spying, Representative Williams ended the conversation saying:

“@NeilCombee he (Dr. King) also condemned ignorance. Point being – as a public official 2 say that Pres.Obama & @whitehouse would be involved is malarkey”

Combee was first elected to the Florida House last year. His primary committee assignments are to the Regulatory Affairs Committee and the State Affairs Committee and is also a member of the subcommittees in Economic Development & Tourism; Government Operations; and Health Care Appropriations.

Combee has 550 followers on Twitter.


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