DAVIE (CBS4) – Davie Police say they’ve recovered a pair of iPads stolen from two brothers at a BBQ restaurant.

Police say someone saw surveillance video of the crime that aired on the news and called Crime Stoppers. Investigators say that tip led to the recovery of the devices in Hialeah. Police say no one has been charged but the investigation is ongoing.

The family is thrilled that someone spoke up.

“They’re a hero to me and to my kids they’re definitely a hero,” said the boys’ father, Terry. “I thank them very much.”

“I’m very happy that they (called Crime Stoppers),” said Terry Junior. “That’s what everyone should do.”

The Worrell’s hope whoever stole them gets punished.

“I just want justice to be served especially if you steal from a kid you should have to pay for that,” said the father, Terry.

Surveillance video from outside the Shorty’s BBQ Restaurant on 5989 S. University Drive shows two women walk by a bench and snatch two iPad tablets that were accidentally left on the bench.

After the brothers found out their iPad’s were gone, they were upset.

“I knew they were gone, I really hope we get it back. I Wish people weren’t so mean,” said Terry.

“I think anything that happens to your child is the hardest thing to accept because to see your child suffer and to know that you’re causing it and aiding to that suffering, it’s incomprehensible to me,” said mother Victoria Worrell.

Police are also looking for a third woman who was with the alleged thieves.

“They are the worst kind of criminals, because if somebody pulls a gun you know what they’re after. These are people who watched the child cry and it didn’t phase them,” said father Terry Worrell.

The manager of the restaurant has offered to replace the iPads.

“It’s not our policy to replace lost or stolen items but in this case, you know, sometimes you have to bend the rules in order to do what’s right,” said manager Brad Steriti.

Anyone with information about the crime is urged to call Broward Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS.


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