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Now that is how you start the college football season. We started Thursday with upsets and ended Monday with a whipping in Pittsburgh. Plus, the Dolphins make roster moves, gee there’s a surprise. The Jets still don’t have a quarterback, another surprise. And how about my week 1 picks for the NFL regular season…maybe.

Quote of the Day:
“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” – Nelson Mandela. (Think about that the next time you hear about massive budget cuts.)

College Football:
In the immortal words of legendary broadcaster Keith Jackson, “WHOA NELLIE!”
It was one of those types of weekends in college football.
It started with Towson, yes Towson, laying a whipping on UConn. (Sorry Peter!)
It continued with North Dakota State (Go BISON) edging Kansas in Manhattan, Kansas. (Anyone who beats a Kansas team is A-Okay in my book, sorry Rhiannon)
Eastern Washington kept it up by eeking out a win over #25 Oregon State at Corvallis. Won it on a missed field goal as time expired that went…wide right. (Sorry FSU fans)
Teddy Bridgewater, my sleeper Heisman candidate, came out firing and just thumped Ohio University on Sunday.
Then last night, FSU took the wrapping paper off its newest gift to college football, Jameis Winston.
All Winston did was nearly complete every pass he threw while torching the secondary of Pittsburgh.
How’s this for a stat line for your first college game….
25-27, 356 yards, 4 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, 25 rushing yards, and a rushing touchdown.
I don’t want to say Winston made it look easy, but he was on the road, in a very hostile environment, in the rain, and looked like he was throwing against air.
Now granted, Pitt’s defense isn’t that good and I want to see how he does against a decent defense.
Still, FSU is sitting pretty right now with a star quarterback in the making.
By the way, for those keeping up with it, namely me, Missouri thumped Murray State, which is kind of like beating Sister Mary’s School for the Blind in football.
Still, facing an SEC schedule ahead, I’ll take any victory I can for my Tigers.
Looking ahead to this weekend, I think it’s safe to say I’ll be writing a little bit about the Canes and Gators.
Let’s put it this way to start the week….
A Gators win is another notch in the belt for the SEC as the top conference.
A Canes win is the launching pad to a special season, like double-digit wins special.
Oh and let’s not forget about Michigan vs. Notre Dame (Go Wolverines)
Western Kentucky plays Tennessee, could the HIlltoppers spring another SEC upset? Don’t put it past the Fighting Petrinos.
A decent Louisiana Lafayette team could give K-State fits.
And the Gamecocks are prepping to fight the Bulldogs, and Jadeveon Clowney is upset. Danger Aaron Murray. Danger!

Miami Dolphins:
The Fins continued to churn the roster last night and into Tuesday morning.
The team released turnstyle guard Samuda, I think I saw that, will have to double-check later.
Then the Fins signed former Philadelphia Eagles first round bust guard Danny Watkins.
I guess the former firefighter could help out if the team’s facility catches on fire.
I hope the kid gets it together. He’s a good kid and maybe getting out of the pressure cooker that is Philly would help him out some.
For the Dolphins, it helps with depth if nothing else.
I have to be honest with you, the more I am reading and analyzing the Dolphins roster, the more I’m thinking they’re about a year away from contending.
But, that’s in the air because the Fins will likely be butting up against the salary cap in the next few years with plenty of young players needing new contracts.
That’s also called salary cap hell, or salary cap purgatory.
Maybe they structured the contracts so they don’t do that, but I’m not sure.
I still think the Fins need another quality lineman, secondary help, and a starting running back, not to mention a little wide receiver depth.
I’ve been wrong before, but I’m beginning to think 7-9 to 8-8 will be the ceiling for this Dolphins team.
We’ll look at it more through the week.

AFC East:
The New York Jets still have no quarterback.
Well they have Geno Smith and a couple of other retreads, but Mark Sanchez is out, possibly for a month.
Look, we all know the Jets are going to be bad, but I think they may tread into epically bad this year.
No quarterback, no receivers…let’s just put it this way.
I hope the defense is ready to stay on the field….A LOT!
Speaking of quarterbacks, the Bills may start an undrafted rookie free agent in Game 1.
His name is Jeff Tuel, which is the second-best NFL name I’ve heard this week behind only the new Dolphins fullback with the last name of Clutts (pronounced Kl-uts)
Hey, I hear Tim Tebow could use a job!
How’d that work out for you last year Rex Ryan?

NFL Picks:
Okay, so I teased a couple of picks so here we go…
Ravens vs. Broncos
Take the Broncos at home in Denver and watch for Montee Ball to have a big game against the Ravens defense.
Dolphins vs. Browns
Take the Fins on the road. Because if Miami loses this game, it’s going to get really ugly, really quickly for the Fins this year.
Vikings vs. Lions
Guh, talk about a tough pick. I’d almost go pick-em here because both of these teams are not good. I’ll take the Lions on the road because I don’t think Minnesota can cover Megatron, aka Calvin Johnson.
More picks to come later this week!


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