MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Sea Breeze High School football star Raushod Floyd has been hit plenty of times on the football field, but nothing compares to the blow he took while swimming over the weekend.

Floyd, 17, was swimming off Ormond Beach when a shark hit him in the chest and then took a bite out of his shoulder.

“When it hit me, it just like hit me in my neck and I just fell underwater,” Floyd said. “I just looked at my shoulder and I just saw blood dripping down out of my shoulder.”

The star wide receiver and five other football players had just finished an early practice and were in chest deep water, when the shark jumped out of the ocean.

Floyd had no idea what hit him until he saw blood, and the teeth marks left behind.

“I pointed to my friend and I was like man I’m bleeding and we just started running off the beach.

When asked what was going through his mind when he realized he had bit by a shark, Floyd responded, “I’m not going to be able to play football.”

Floyd’s parents were in Haines city at a Labor Day family gathering when they received word of what had happened to their son.

“Oh man when I heard that I was just like we got to hit this highway and get to him,” Floyd’s father Michael Carter Sr. said.

“He didn’t worry about his cut, his wound or what happened,” his mother, Quennedda Carter, said. “Can I play this week? That’s the first thing he said.”

At the hospital, the family received the good news; the bite did not tear any muscle, ligaments or nerves. That meant Floyd, a star wide receiver, could be back on the field in as little as seven days.

One place he won’t be going back anytime soon, though, is the beach.

“Absolutely not, he can go to a splash park,” his mother said.


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