Miami-Dade Waste Collectors Will Get Money Back In Paychecks

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Miami-Dade Commission chambers August 28, 2013.  (Source: CBS4)

Miami-Dade Commission chambers August 28, 2013. (Source: CBS4)

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MIAMI (CBS4) – Waste collectors who spent much of their day at the Miami-Dade County Commission chambers will get a piece of their paycheck back.

Employees plead their case to the county for 5% of their pay to be returned to them after it was taken away to assist with a tough budget during a rough economy.

Commissioners voted 8 to 4 to reinstate 5% of the paychecks that was taken out to pay group healthcare costs.

Commissioners made the decision after hearing emotional pleas from solid waste workers facing hard financial times.

“Mr. Mayor I’m pleading to you.  Because I elected you looking at you as a commissioner I always thought you had our back,” added Carol Turner, a waste truck driver.

“This 5% that has been taken from me, as a single parent makes it hard for me to buy school clothing for my children, has made it hard to buy food, pay my lights, and most of all it caused my home to go into foreclosure,” pleaded Stephanie Brown with Miami-Dade Waste Management.

The group is one of the unions fighting with the county for their 5%.

Nearly 26,000 other employees will still be forced to give up their 5%.

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