GREENACRES (CBSMiami) – A Palm Beach County man is in jail on a charge of murder after he allegedly killed his roommate and then dismembered the body.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Scott Tobiassen, 49, allegedly killed his roommate Gerard Longo this week. Greenacres Police were told about the murder when a friend of Tobiassen called for help after reportedly seeing Longo’s body.

According to the Post, Tobiassen brought his friend, Alexandra Peirce, to his apartment and showed her Longo’s body. Peirce was shown the body and the head was bloody, at first, according to the Post, she thought the duo was playing a joke on her.

Peirce said Tobiassen told her, “He deserved it.” She also said, according to the Post, that he was upset after losing his job and that during a fight with Longo, he had hit him with a metal pipe and stabbed him with a knife.

Tobiassen also reportedly told Peirce that he had nothing to live for and was planning on suicide, but would first try to hide Longo’s body.

According to the Palm Beach Post, when police arrived at Tobiassen’s home, they found him with what appeared to be blood on his body and shoes and holding a tote bag.

The Post said police detectives reported finding Longo’s legs in plastic trash bags, his head, arms and hands in one tote and his torso and legs down to his kneecaps in another.

Tobiassen remains in jail and when police tried interviewing him he asked for a lawyer and then said “things got a little carried away,” according to the Post.


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