MIAMI (CBSMiami) –  A motocross rider was reportedly struck by lightning while exiting the track at the Miami Motocross Park, Saturday.

It happened around 1:00 p.m. at the track located at 16665 Krome Avenue.

Witnesses said the riders were leaving the track when lightning struck.  “There was no warning and in a split second, it just hit like that,” said Dustin Whitehead.  “We saw the lightning and the guy fell from the bike,” added Nicholas Stankov, a motocross instructor.

Friends identified the man who was struck as Jethro Alfonzo.  Friend Jesus Perez says he ran to him “I thought he was dead,” said Perez.

Stankov explained,”My first reaction was to run to him but I remembered we had the fire department there and I slammed on the door and said ‘somebody got hit please go it’s an emergency!'”

The park says the county started requiring firetrucks and paramedics be present at the park and the park has to pay for it.  Park officials say the park may have to shut down because of the expense. Many of the riders were at the park Saturday in a show of support.

“Today was about trying to get everybody together and try to keep it running for all the kids and the families and everything like that, and for this to happen it’s not any mistake by anybody it’s an act of God and very unfortunate that it’s happened,” said Whitehead.

When paramedics got to Alfonzo, witnesses said a fellow rider was already doing CPR.

“Thank God she was there and she helped him and he’s alive just because of her,” said Perez.

Alfonzo was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Family members said he was stable Saturday night.


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