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CORAL GABLES (CBS4) – With books in hands and tears in their eyes, hundreds of Belieber’s,  some who have  been waiting outside Books and Books in Coral Gables since  4 a.m., came to meet  Pattie Mallette, A.K.A. Justin Bieber’s mom.

“I wanted to be first in line! She’s so amazing.  I can’t even speak.  I’m sorry” said 15-year-old Lucy, crying.

The 38-year-old mom to one of the biggest pop stars ever is town for a meet greet, signing her book “Nowhere But Up”,  her story of her life as a  single mom fighting  to rise  above her painful past of abuse, shame and poverty.

“I definitely didn’t write this to say I have a successful son and you too can have a successful son . I wrote this to say if you’re in a difficult situation, I’ve been through the other side and I have healing and I’m hoping to pass this on to you,” said Mallette.

Justin has had his own difficult situations lately, making headlines not for his music but rather his drunken antics. A recent video shows Justin urinating in a janitor’s mop bucket in the kitchen of a New York night club.

“Now when you hear and see what’s going on with him, how do you feel?” asked CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo. “Are you worried about his life?”

“I think all parents worry about their kids life in general and there are certain things I have to talk to him about.  He knows what I think. It’s hard because the whole world wants to know what’s going on with your son and how do you feel about this and that. I can respect that but we have to have a private conversation,” Mallette said.

Pattie is no stranger to having troubles as a kid herself. In the book she admits to addiction, depression and much more. She says she is keeping an eye on her son from afar.

“Do you speak to him? When you hear something he’s done that’s not good, do you say ‘what was that about?’” Petrillo asked.

“Of course,” said Mallette. “I text him every day. I call him and we talk as much as possible.”

“Do you feel like you always have to come to defense of Justin?” asked Petrillo.

“No,” Mallette said.  “I think no matter what path he takes to get there, he’ll be good. He will be ok.”

And the fans agree.

“Yeah, he mistakes. He’s not perfect, he’s human,” said a young fan.

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