MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A local artist is using tape and whatever objects she can find on South Florida’s streets to create area.

Johanna Boccardoa creates her works on buildings, signs, whatever she wants. Boccardoa is a ‘tape bomber’ – she sticks tape of every size and color on objects throughout Miami to make her colorful creations.

One her works, a street sign in Wynwood, was inspired by gum.

“I just had the image of the chewing gum in my mind and I started playing with that. So this is supposed to be wads of chewing gum stuck,” said Boccardoa.

Boccardoa said she got inspired to ‘tape bomb’ after last year’s Art Basel. She estimated that she’s ‘tape bombed’ more than 50 objects and spaces throughout the city. So what does she hope people with think of her creations.

“Either love it or hate it. If you see it and nothing clicks, then I’m not doing my job,” said Boccardoa.

Boccardoa said she’s met people who really did hate it.

“I have had people tell me this is worse than graffiti,” said Boccardoa.

Like graffiti, Boccardoa’s creations aren’t permanent.

“With the rain and the sun it gets deconstructed and destroyed,” she said.

Boccardoa said in part, that’s part of the point.

“I think the value lies in its absence, once it’s gone,” said Boccardoa.


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