MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A North Miami Beach woman was shot and killed inside her home during a home invasion robbery.

Gureline Noel, 29, a nursing student at Keiser University, went out to her car around 12:30 a.m. when two men forced her back inside her home at 250 NE 175th Terrace.

Noel’s husband Clauvens Cenor said he, the couple’s three year old son, her mother and her sisters were inside the home when the armed men stormed in.

Noel’s sister said as one of the men held a gun to Gureline’s head as they demanded money from her family. Cenor said they told the armed men they didn’t keep any money in the house.

Cenor said he, his wife, their on and one of her sisters were held hostage in a bathroom while Noel’s mother and other sister were kept in another room. He said he was able to escape through a bathroom window and ran for help. When Noel tried to escape, the robbers fired about a dozen rounds into the bathroom killing her. Cenor said when he heard the gunfire, he feared the worst.

“By the time I ran back, I see them running this way and then as soon as I get in front of the door I didn’t hear no sound,” said Cenor. “Nobody was talking at all so I thought everybody was dead so I looked. I saw my wife, she was laying on top of the books inside the bathroom.”

Noel’s sister got out of the bathroom and escaped through a bedroom window. The couple’s child was not hurt.

“Why is this happening,” said Cenor as he tried to cope with the death of his wife.

“She was the sweetest person you’d ever want to know,” said neighbor Kay Kramer, “A beautiful human being, very devoted to her child.”

The family said the couple’s child was being “fussy” so Noel went out to her car to study. That’s when the two armed men approached her in the white Porsche and forced her inside.

“They said we need everything you guys have inside the house,” said Cenor. “I said we don’t have anything so whatever you see here just take it. Don’t shoot, don’t shoot no one.”

Cenor said they were locked in the bathroom so the men could search the rest of the house.

“They said nobody make any noise. If you make any noise we’re going to shoot you,” said Cenor.

All they got away with were a couple of cell phones.

North Miami Beach police said they do not think this was a random attack.

“There seems to be some design in their selection. That’s not to say that the victim was the intended target or even anyone inside this home was the intended target,” said North Miami Beach police spokesman Officer Mike Bolinger.

Cenor said he didn’t recognize the men and thinks they may have targeted his home because of the two Porches parked in the driveway.


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