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NORTHEAST MIAMI-DADE (CBS4) – An alligator living near a playground has  a neighborhood on edge.

“It is a hazard if this thing decides to come out and make a run at someone,” said Highland Lakes resident Michael Meislik.

The 8 to 9 foot alligator was has been spotted several times over the past few months in the Highland Lakes neighborhood near Ives Dairy Road and 26th Avenue. Residents say they’ve spotted it several times swimming and hanging out on the shoreline.

Josh Rub, saw the alligator

“It was huge,” said Rub, who spotted the gator a few weeks ago. “It was terrifying, probably about 8 feet long and it was swimming across really close to shore.”

Neighbors say the gator has come within feet of the park playground, and feeds on the wildlife at the lake. They are concerned a child or pet might be next.

“It is frightening,” said Meislik. “You look around and you see little kids, there’s a playground with little children playing.”

“We’re just concerned that somebody might get hurt,” said Bari Schanerman, the president of the homeowners association.

There is an outstanding request with a trapper to get rid of the reptile, but the trapper has not been able to locate the gator.

“It would be great if we could find this alligator and move him to a place where he’s happy and were happy,” said Schanerman.

FWC says if the gator is caught it will likely be killed.


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