MIAMI (CBSMiami) – They think they have the goods to be one of America’s Best Bakers.

Beginning Wednesday at 8 p.m., 10 amateur bakers from across the country will try to do that as they compete against each other in the new CBS show “The American Baking Competition” hosted By Jeff Foxworthy.

“There is something here, there is some storytelling going on here that is kind of irresistible to people,” said Foxworthy.

The goal of the show, according to Richard McKerrow, is to entertain in a warm, generous good-hearted way as the contestants compete. McKerrow is the creative director for Love Productions which produced the original show over in Britain.

“I watched one episode of the UK version, and as soon as it was over I said I want to do this show,” said Foxworthy.

So how does the host sum up the show?

“It’s amateur bakers kind of competing, taking their favorite recipes and then doing technical challenges and competing in an elimination contest,” said Foxworthy. “The cool thing about it to me is that it’s amateur, so it’s not people who do this for a living, its people who do this because they love doing it.”

“You watch the show because it’s about watching people do something they are passionate about,” said McKerrow. “They do it because they love to bake.”

The show’s contestants include a firefighter, homemaker, attorney, advertiser, home health care provider, college student, retiree and a baking enthusiast trying to go pro.

“I entered this competition because I wanted to prove to America that I am the best baker,” said Brian Emmett, who owns an advertising firm.

“I’m fun, I’m energetic, I like to sparkle,” said Kolette Biddle, a home health care provider. “My food does have a lot of pizzazz.”

Each week, the home bakers will compete in three unique challenges – “Signature Bake,” “Technical Bake” and “Showstopper Bake.” The contestant who out-bakes the rest is that week’s “Star Baker,” while the one whose creations fail to impress is eliminated.

“With this competition, I think being so young kind of does give me an edge,” said college student Whitney Burey. “I feel that if you are baking for 50 years that you do something a certain way and you can’t really get out of it, but being 21 I want to change it up.”

While not professionals, some of the contestants say they have dishes they’re know for.

“I would say my signature dish is probably my cinnamon crumb apple top pie,” said Emmett. “It’s amazing. And then I would have to say my caramel apple cheesecake with a shortbread crust.”

“Chocolate Genoise Truffle Cake, you know, wrapped in chocolate with chocolate layers, you know, and sparkle a little jazz on top,” said Biddle.

“I might weigh 300 pounds after. You might have to make a show about me where they might have to knock out the wall to get me out of the house to go weight me at the local truck stop when this is over,” said Foxworthy.

The final challenge will be between the three remaining contestants, one of whom will go on to be crowned the best amateur baker in America and win the $250,000 grand prize. The winner will also be awarded a publishing contract with Simon & Schuster to publish their own cookbook with Gallery Books.


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