DAVIE (CBSMiami) – Davie Police are investigating a pair of car burglaries both caught on the homeowner’s surveillance video.

Both cars that were burglarized were parked in the same driveway on NW 79th Way in Davie.

Surveillance cameras captured the crime. The video shows a man shine his flashlight into the windows of a car belonging to Barry Dreyer’s daughter. The man opens the car, takes a jacket, and rummages through the center console before moving on the trunk. The suspect then moved on to the truck parked right beside the other car.

After slinging a camera bag over his shoulder, the suspect picked up his skateboard, and rode off into the night.

“He was quiet enough not to slam doors or set off any alarms, so I didn’t even know until I went to get my camera and it wasn’t there,” said Dreyer who is a professional photographer.

Dreyer said the stolen items were worth about $2,500, which included two cameras. He doubts he’ll get much of it back, but he’s glad he made the decision to have surveillance cameras installed about a year ago.

Dreyer hopes the video will help catch the burglar.

“At least get his picture out there and get him off the street so when we go to bed at night we don’t have to go back through the footage every morning to see if anyone was prowling around the house.”

Dreyer said he’s never dealt with any crime in the 13 years he’s lived in his home. Dreyer is concerned about his neighbors and wants anyone living in the neighborhood of University and Stirling Road in Davie to be aware the guy who stole his belongings is still out there.

Davie Police said crimes like these are a reminder everyone needs to be on alert.

“If we can get anything out there, secure your property. Don’t leave property in plain view of anyone who may walk by, and lock your cars when you go to bed at night,” said Captain Dale Engle.

Dreyer said he’s learned his lesson about locking doors.

“Everyone should be locking your doors. Unfortunately we get comfortable in our own houses, comfortable in our own neighborhoods and the guy on the tape proves you can’t get comfortable.”


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