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DAVIE (CBSMiami) – A case of mistaken identity landed a man in the hospital Wednesday due to police K-9 bites.

Roger Alvarez and his cousin were on the roof of a restaurant early Wednesday morning when Davie police, who believed that the two men were burglarizing the business, released a canine.

The dog bit Alvarez, sending him to Memorial Hospital Pembroke with a gaping wound to his left arm.

“It is very painful, like needles tearing at you,” Alvarez told CBS 4’s Joan Murray.

Alvarez is receiving antibiotics and pain medication to ease the sting of the bite and scratches on his arm.

According to Alavarez, he and his cousin were trying to remove a hood and ventilation system from the roof of the Vive Chile Restaurant on Stirling Road at approximately 2:40 am.

Two Davie police officers responded to what they thought was a burglary in progress.

As told by Alvarez, the officers appeared on the roof and started questioning him and his cousin.

“The police kept saying get on the floor and I was on my belly.  That’s when they let the canine loose and it bit me.”

Davie police, on the other hand, tell a different story.

They report that while his cousin obeyed, Alvarez did not follow their commands.

“He attempted to conceal himself behind an air conditioning unit,” said Captain Dale Engle of the Davie Police Department.

Engle said there had been a rash of burglars stealing air conditioning units for the precious metals and copper which is sold for money. Engle said that police believed that a crime was being committed.

Alvarez said that he holds no grudge but he would like an apology. He’s also concerned about his mounting medical bills because he currently has no health insurance.

“I mean I understand police have to do their job, but I was working. I wasn’t trying to do anything wrong.”

The restaurant owner confirms that Alvarez and his cousin were ‘working’ for him.

The incident remains under investigation.


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