NORTH MIAMI (CBS4) – It is certainly true that things got a little crazy in the race for mayor of North Miami, even judging by South Florida standards.

“During elections, you can anticipate weird things to happen,” said North Miami mayoral candidate Gwen Boyd.

It all started when Anna Pierre made the biggest headlines- first by claiming someone’s using voodoo to intimidate her, then posting on Facebook that she’s endorsed by Jesus Christ himself. She said it came to her in a dream.

“This person was walking side by side with me holding my hands, telling me, ‘my child, do not give up. I am with you through the end,'” said Pierre.

However, some voters have different opinions about Pierre’s endorsement.

“We all believe in God, or most of us do anyway,” said voter Carolyn. “But never have I ever heard of being endorsed by Jesus Christ.”

Another candidate, Jean Marcellus, was punched in the mouth during the campaign.

“I just put this thing aside,” said Marcellus. “Let me focus on one thing, that is to win.”

Voters are trying to keep focus too; like most South Florida cities, North Miami faces real issues like jobs, the economy and development. Voters had to wade through all this.

As the candidates made their last minute swings by the polls, the urged voters to stay on point.

“Stay on the issues. What the candidate has in his pocket for the people,” said candidate Escarment Modira. “What he’s going to do for the people.”

With 7 people running for mayor, there’s a good chance there could be a run-off and no decision will be made on Tuesday.

“If you think the silliness was happening before today, wait until the silliness between now and our run-off date, if there is one,” said candidate Kevin Burns.

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