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OVERTOWN (CBSMiami) – After getting in a scuffle with a Miami police detective in April, Anthony Walker was supposed to hear the formal charges against him on Wednesday.

Prosecutors, however, delayed the hearing so the could have more time to investigate the dramatic incident that was caught on camera and viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.

It’s hard to forget the dramatic video showing family grief, a bloody crime scene and a major tussle with police all in one.

It started when Antwan Walker crossed the police crime scene tape trying to reach the body of his brother who had been shot to death.

His older brother Anthony Walker ran in after him and ended up in a physical confrontation with veteran Miami police detective Fernando Bosch. The two struggled and at one point you could see Walkers hands go up toward Bosch and the detective punches him.

A female family member ran right to the body as well but was quickly restrained. Both brothers were arrested.

“The officer was never in compromise, he was never being threatened,” said criminal defense attorney Larry Hanfield. “These were young kids that were overcome with grief at seeing a loved one on the ground.”

Handfield said he was incensed by the video and is representing the brothers for free.

Antwan was charged with misdemeanor obstruction of justice, but Anthony was arrested for more serious charges- battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence.

“He can’t believe he’s found himself in the criminal justice system. He’s never been in trouble before,” said Handfield.

Wednesday prosecutors asked for more time to investigate the case, postponing the filing of formal charges against Walker.

Handfield believes they will throw them out.

“I believe the right thing will be done when all is said and done,”said Handfield. “All you have to do is look at the videotape and speak to all the witnesses out there and you see that there was no basis to arrest them.”

Detective Bosch has not been allowed to speak about the incident and the police union has insisted that he did nothing wrong.

Walker’s arraignment is set for next Thursday morning before the same judge. His brother has not had a hearing yet.


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