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The Heat take the court again tonight with the biggest question being exactly who will be on the court for the Bulls. The Marlins scored 14 runs last night, guess us reporting on how awful they are is starting to take hold. Plus, the Dolphins add a big piece on the offensive line. And why South Florida may bid farewell to the Dolphins in the next decade.

Quote of the Day:
“What worries you, masters you.” – John Locke

Miami Heat: (vs. Chicago Bulls, 7 p.m., TNT)
LeBron James won the MVP award, not that there’s a doubt about him being MVP.
He should have been the MVP for the last five years running, but they gave it once to Derrick Rose, undeservingly so. More on him in a minute.
But the Heat will take on the Bulls tonight and who knows which Bulls team we will see.
Luol Deng is in the hospital with lord knows what, hope he gets well soon.
Kirk Hinrich is in and out of the lineup and Joakim Noah is battling plantar fasciitis.
But still, Derrick Rose, who is healthy, won’t come back and play.
He’s got teammates in the hospital, hobbling on one leg, and he’s healthy and would rather sit on the end of the bench in a suit.
He tore his ACL more than a year ago.
Just for comparison….Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings tore his and was back in less than 9 months and won the rushing title for most rushing yards gained.
So yes, I’m calling D-Rose, for lack of better way of putting it, a wimp.
It’s a mental wimp too.
He’s afraid and once and athlete gets afraid, it’s like a race car driver being afraid, they’re never the same.
Here’s the thing, Rose’s $100 million plus contract is guaranteed no matter what.
At this point, especially with his teammates in such awful shape, he should be ashamed of himself for sitting out.
Especially given the fact that he’s practicing hard with the team.
Honestly, if I was his teammate I’d be really angry with him and not want to play with him.
Think about it….David Lee tore a hip muscle, and appeared for a minute in the game as inspiration.
Kobe tore his Achilles and still finished the play.
D-Wade’s knee is in rough shape, but he’ll be out there.
But in the grand scheme of things, we shouldn’t really be surprised by anything from D-Rose.
Remember, this is a kid who was so stupid he had to cheat to get into the University of Memphis by having someone else take I think it was the SAT and ACT.
Should we expect anything less?
As for the series, I would say Heat in five games or less simply because Chicago just doesn’t have the horses at this point.

Miami Marlins: (@San Diego, 10:10 p.m., FS-F)
Wow, the Marlins went off on Sunday and scored 14 runs.
Remember, this is a team that if you scored three runs on average this year, you won.
It helps that Roy Halladay of the Phillies completely melted down and is headed for the DL, but yknow, take your victories where you can.
Jose Fernandez pitched well on Saturday too and that got me thinking….
I think the team should call up all of the top talent and let them learn on the job in the Majors.
Bring up Yelich, keep Ozuna up and give yourself the MLB outfield of Yelich, Ozuna, and Stanton.
That’s a good young lineup.
What does the team have to lose?
They’re already the worst team in baseball by a wide margin.
You’re telling me that it can get worse?

Miami Dolphins/Sun Life Stadium:
Okay, here we go, I’ve been thinking about this for most of the weekend.
Will Weatherford opened the door for the Dolphins to leave South Florida.
The Dolphins will leave South Florida in the next 15 years without a brand new stadium.
No, the NFL will not give South Florida another Super Bowl.
Because if the NFL relented now, then every time they threatened an area with not getting anything without a new stadium, the threat would be toothless.
Now, where the Fins screwed up was that Dolphins fans don’t care about hosting a Super Bowl.
I mean, have you seen the price of even “cheap seats” to the Super Bowl?
Dolphins fans are like every other fan, they care more about the team going to the Super Bowl.
Now, Ross is doing well by building the roster.
But he’s going to be limited with this stadium and the facilities going forward.
While Ross may say he won’t sell and move the team, that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen….trust me.
Remember, people said the Browns would never leave Cleveland.
Art Modell changed that and went to Baltimore to found the Ravens.
People said the Colts would never leave Baltimore and the Colts packed up in the middle of the night and were gone by morning. (Literally)
Teams can move, and at this point, the Dolphins have every right to move.
Could Ross pay for it himself, sure, but it’s not going to happen.
That would set a bad precedent in the NFL and likely would be frowned upon by fellow owners.
So the Dolphins are going to let Sun Life crumble, and crumble it will in these conditions.
The biggest losers on the Super Bowl front are hotels, taxi cabs, etc.
Fans just want a winner and that hasn’t happened with the Dolphins since the early 1970’s.
Remember too, Weatherford is from the Tampa area and now that South Florida is out of the mix for Super Bowl’s for the forseeable future…Tampa moves to the top of the list in Florida.
I’m just saying.


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