Tow Truck Driver Killed In Hit And Run

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A tow truck driver assisting a car was hit and killed by a third vehicle that fled the scene.

Officials responded to call on fire on the 874 South of Killian in the early morning hours.

As the damaged car was being hooked to the tow truck, a third vehicle traveling southbound veered into the emergency lane and hit the tow truck driver.

The tow truck driver was killed at the scene.

Florida Highway Patrol is looking for the vehicle responsible for the fatal accident.

The car, an older model BMW is described as dark burgundy or maroon. The vehicle should front right-side damage, a shattered passenger-side window, a busted headlight, and a missing a rear-view mirror.

Officials are hoping to release a picture of the car later today as the car should have gone through the Sun Pass lanes.

In the wake of the accident, officials are stressing the importance of slowing down and moving over, known as the “Move Over Law.”


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