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MIRAMAR (CBSMiami) – The sound of rapid gunfire shattered the quiet of a Miramar neighborhood late Tuesday night.

“They were so close together you would have to be an expert to make out the difference,” said Rolla Magloire.

Magloire said he was watching basketball when just after 11 p.m. he heard the gunfire.

When the smoke cleared one man was dead in a police involved shooting. Crime scene investigators littered the ground with evidence markers by each spent shell.  Investigators used metal detectors to find shell casings in the grass.

The shooting stemmed from a carjacking earlier in the evening.  Around 10:40 p.m., an armed man forced four people from a silver two door Honda at gunpoint in the 1400 block of SW 97th Avenue in Pembroke Pines, according to Miramar police.

“He tapped on the glass and told us to like give him all our money, our jewelry and our phones so we couldn’t call anybody,” said Kadeem McGowan.

McGowan said the armed man hit him in the head with the gun and threated him.

Kadeem Mcgowan says the man, identified by police as Jean N. Printemps, 28, hit him in the head with the gun and threatened him.

“He kicked me in my leg and tapped the gun in my chest saying he’ll shoot me, he’ll kill me,” said McGowan. “He told us to run, run to the other direction. And so I pushed my friend to run.”

About 20 minutes later, two Miramar police officers spotted the car near the Mirabella Apartments complex on NW 21st Street near Palm Avenue. Police have not released details of what happened next but did confirm that their officers shot at the carjacking suspect.

“There were two officers on the scene.  At least one of them fired their weapon,” said Miramar police spokeswoman Tania Rues.  “Gratefully they were not injured.”

Investigators said they found a gun in the car, but wouldn’t say if the man fired on the officers.  Magloire believes he heard only one gun.

“I heard the shots coming from one direction, nothing from the other side,” said Magloire.

Magloire, who volunteers at the city’s police department, watched from his window.

“I said ‘Thank God I’m well protected’,” said Magloire. “The one thing I learned from the police is that when there is a shooting, stay out of it.”

Yulanda Rini and her family live about 100 feet from where the man was killed.  She said she’s thankful they were not home when the shooting took place.

“I’m just glad no one else was hurt and I’m glad he’s off the streets, whoever it was,” said Rini.  “I mean unfortunately someone lost their life but at least he’s not running around hurting other people.”

Both officers have been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.


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