Exclusive: FBI Informant Claims Taliban Members Are Living In America (page 3)

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FBI informant David Saddiqui tells his story to CBS4's Michele Gillen. (CBS4)

FBI informant David Saddiqui tells his story to CBS4’s Michele Gillen. (CBS4)

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S. Florida Terrorism Case

Ultimately U.S. prosecutors were able to convince a Miami jury that money Khan sent overseas was to support the Pakistani Taliban in their efforts to target U.S. interests in Pakistan. Khan’s attorneys claimed the money the Iman  sent was for his family, charities and the religious school.

While Saddiqui’s last undercover assignment was a big win for the US government-which says it can’t comment on the case at this time… he walks away… “hurt, very disappointed”

Saddiqui says out of concern for his safety he had hoped to be relocated out of Miami by federal authorities after the case was over. That hasn’t happened. The FBI says it can’t comment on open case.

“They treated me like garbage in the end. I really believe that, I feel it in my heart,” Sadiqqui added.

Walking back into his old life has not been easy. He’s hoping to find work and a new start. In the end he says he would do it all over again.

“I love this country. I was doing it for the love of this country.  I didn’t want any more innocent Americans to be assassinated, or killed, or bombed by terrorist organizations.” For that he says he rests proud.

Meanwhile, Khan’s attorneys have filed a motion for a new trial. They have maintained that the Iman was lying on the taped conversations just going along with the informant in hopes of getting money.

Khan is scheduled for sentencing in late May.

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