Exclusive: FBI Informant Claims Taliban Members Are Living In America (page 2)

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FBI informant David Saddiqui tells his story to CBS4's Michele Gillen. (CBS4)

FBI informant David Saddiqui tells his story to CBS4’s Michele Gillen. (CBS4)

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What happened? Exact details are not revealed but we know that Siddiqui portrayed himself as a Taliban sympathizer and had worn an FBI wire to capture on tape multiple conversations with Khan including phone calls and face to face meetings.

CBS4 news obtained from the US government the transcripts of those taped conversations and reviewed thousands of pages.

In one conversation Sidiqqui brought up the attempted bombing of Times Square.

On tape, according to the transcripts, Khan responds  ” It would have been great had it worked out…..such a brave heart.”

Since that attempt, the U.S. government has indicated that the action had ties to the Pakistani Taliban.

According to the U.S. government, Khan had funneled some $50,000 to the Pakistani Taliban.

“Keep one thing in mind, it may be $50,000, but you can buy an m-16 for 50 bucks in Pakistan. You can buy a belt to blow yourself away for 50 bucks. In Pakistan, $50,000 is considered a lot of money,” said Siddiqui.

His detective work didn’t stop in Miami. He found himself on a plane to Pakistan and the Swat Valley, often considered a haven for the Taliban.

Saddiqui said he believes if it had been discovered in Pakistan that he was an FBI informant, he is convinced, “They would have killed me instantly. Absolutely, no questions asked.”

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