MIAMI (CBS4) – The bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon were particularly scary for some members of South Florida’s running community.

As many as 200 people from the area participated in the marathon. As word of the bombings spread, family members stayed by their phones waiting to hear from them.

“Immediately I tried contacting my brother-in-law, nephews, sister to make sure they were alright,” said Christina Acosta.

Acosta’s sister Yvonne Figueredo was thrilled to be running the Boston marathon. Her husband and sons were with her watching the race.

“She was excited as can be and happy that her dream was finally coming to fruition,” said Acosta.

Figueredo crossed the finish line about 10 minutes before the explosions.

“Visions of everything I saw on the news from 911, that’s all that crossed my mind,” said Figueredo.

“It sounded like the Fourth of July, like ‘boom, boom’, like cannons going off, then I saw one lady drop to the ground,” said Bert Soden.

Soden, from Hollywood, was in Boston watching his wife Patricia run the marathon.

“I said ‘Oh my God’, Patricia was finishing right around the time when explosion went off and I thought my wife’s dead,” said Soden.

Meanwhile, Patricia said she panicked, worried that her husband had been hurt.

“I was crying and I asked someone to please help contact him and I couldn’t get through, and as I was talking to the volunteer out of nowhere everybody started to run panicking bumping into each other I couldn’t even think,” said Patricia Soden.

Reunited at their hotel later, Bert learned his wife had crossed the finish line 30 seconds before the explosion.

“She said it was either the sprint toward the finish line or the religious medal I put around her neck before she started that saved her life,” said Soden.

Some of the first stories of survival came through texts.

“All my friends have reported back, I’ve been lucky,” said Jose Fuentes who spent the afternoon checking on his friends and fellow runners in Boston. Fuentes said he said he decided to skip the marathon this year, but now wishes he had gone.

I wish I was and I honestly wish I was because if I could do something for anyone’s who was impacted, whether they’re from Miami or not, it affects, it affects us all,” said Fuentes.


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