FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – A Broward School bus driver, who originally said she was talking to her son in Iraq when she was caught using her cell phone on duty has changed on story.

During a School Board meeting on Tuesday, Rossana Lucas admitted she lied about about talking to her son and accepted her suspension.

Originally, Lucas had said that on the day that it happened she pulled off the road in the school bus and took a cell phone call which she knew was against the rules. At the time, Lucas said she was very happy about the call because it had been seven months since she last heard from her son in Iraq.

Lucas said a short time later she received a letter informing her that a camera on the bus captured her talking on the phone. Her bosses recommended at the time she be suspended for five days. At the time, Lucas told CBS4 that she guessed her bosses didn’t care.

However, everything changed Tuesday when she admitted the story she told about her son was a lie. Lucas was suspended for ten days without pay.


Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie said that the district could have imposed a harsher punishment on Lucas.

“I think we’re gonna give her a second chance to do the right thing so she has another opportunity,” said Runcie.

Lucas ducked out of the school board meeting and avoided answering any reporter questions.

“You would be surprised at how much is made up, but it’s my job to separate fact from fiction and deal with it,” said Runcie.

Lucas and the district will agree on a mutually acceptable time for her to take the ten day unpaid suspension.



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