MIAMI (CBS4) – Police are looking for two armed suspects who carjacked and shot a man.

It happened about Saturday morning around 5: 15 a.m. at a gas station located at 1178 NW 79th Street.

Raul Massipe, 21, was buying gas when two armed men got into his car and told him to drive away, according to police. While Massipe was driving around, police said he somehow managed to fight off the suspects. They two men managed to run away, but not before one of them shot Massipe.

The injured Massipe continued to drive and almost made it to Miami Shores when emergency rescuers arrived to take him to the hospital.

Massipe’s roommate, Alvaro Solis, who owns the car Massipe was driving, said one of the bullets went into Massipe’s shoulder and shattered it.

“Tomorrow he’ll be in surgery to get the bullet that’s still in there,” said Solis. Solis said Massipe will recover.

However, some of the workers in the gas station are still nervous.

“I’ve always thought this place was safe especially considering all the video cameras that are around, but obviously some people don’t care about the video cameras,” said Raul Rodriguez, who runs a cell phone business inside the gas station.

He brought his kids to work with him Saturday, but after hearing about the crime, he says he won’t do that again.

“That gentleman only came here for gas. I’m here as a business owner, concerned about my merchandise concerned about my safety as well. I’m obviously going to be looking over my shoulders now,” said Rodriguez.


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