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WEST PARK (CBS4) – A 10-year-old boy who was impaled on a spiked metal fence after he fell out of a tree is breathing on his own and the tree is now being cut down.

Angel Dotel was reaching for a mango when fell 18 feet and landed on a fence with spikes that are several inches long. Dotel suffered several puncture wounds on his torso, including one near his heart, and a cut on his face near his eye.

“He fell hit that right there,” explained good Samaritan Prince Moore who helped save the child’s life, “and he tumbled down and fell into this year right there.”

Moore, who was washing a car just a few feet from where the boy fell, said his instincts took over.

“I had got my t-shirt and pulled it off of me and wrapped it around his chest and hold my hand over that hole so the blood don’t rush out,” Moore said.

Dr. Gary Birken from Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital said the outlook for Angel is great and that the spikes missed all of his major organ.

“He had a penetrating wound to the chest area up top,” said Dr. Birken. “He had another one further down and he had one in his left lower abdomen.”

Wayne Parrish owns the fence where Angel was climbing and helped save Angel. He’s paying for the tree to be taken down, even though the tree is not on his property.

“Just imagine if it would have went into his neck or something,” said Parrish. “It could have been worse. God was with this guy.”

The fact the injured child is named Angel is not lost on Parrish.

“You know they say his name was Angel. Angels was definitely looking out for him, because we was here at the time,” Parrish said. “Hey, you gotta look at it for face value, angels was definitely looking out for him. That blood was coming out like a water faucet.

Doctors at DiMaggio said Angel should be released in the next few days.


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