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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The family of a well known Miami club promoter who was ambushed and killed in Palmetto Bay is asking for the public’s help in finding his killer.

Frederick Duberry, 44, died in a hail of gunfire June 16, 2012 in front of his home at 17531 SW 92nd Avenue.

It’s hard enough for his two children to grow up without him but not knowing who killed their dad, or why, is what has them coming forward to ask for the community’s help.

“Now I know I have to be here for my mom and my family,” said Frederick Duberry Jr. who has been thrust into the position of ‘man of the house’ before he’s even old enough to drive.

“He used to teach me the ropes in life. He used to be tough on me but now I know why,” said Duberry.

Surveillance video shows Duberry, a father of two, pull up to his house in his pick up truck just after 3:30 a.m. As he walked to his front door, on the tape a man can be seen running out from behind a car and shooting Duberry with an assault rifle. He then runs to a waiting vehicle and which speeds off.
Duberry’s mother Margaret John has refused to watch the tape.

“I don’t want to see the video. I don’t want to see it,” she said.

Duberry’s business partner Darriene Benton said he was well liked hip-hop club promoter with more than 75 employees.

“He liked the smile he was able to put on people’s faces. Any and every body would tell you he would never say no. If you asked him for anything, he would never say no,” said Benton.

Police have not said what they think motivated the shooting but do feel that Duberry was targeted. As their case goes colder, they released the surveillance tape in hopes that it jogs someone’s memory and gives them or Crime Stoppers a call.

“When you stop and consider how his life was taken and not one person has stepped forward, not one, that I don’t understand,” said Hall. “When you take a person’s life you’re not just taking that person’s life- you’re taking a family’s life.”

Though the gunman took his father, Duberry said he could never steal their memories of him.

“He used to come into the room bang on pots and pans on the wall to wake us up when we didn’t wake up,” said Duberry. “I wish he could still be here to do it, to wake me up for school.”

Duberry’s family is hoping someone with come forward so justice can be done.


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