MIAMI (CBS4) – A new procedure is being touted by some doctors as a solution for cellulite.

“I think it will really be like life changing to me, being able to show my legs, wear dresses, wear shorts,” said Nicole Centrella, a 27-year-old who struggles with cellulite. I

It’s an issue for most women.

“It’s embarrassing to a point it really sticks out to me as something that’s unattractive about my body,” said Centrella.

Centrella underwent a new procedure called VASERsmooth. Plastic surgeon Susan Hughes said she often uses liposuction with VASERsmooth, but it can be done alone.

“It’s all done through little tiny nicks in the skin,” said Dr. Hughes.

After the liposuction another small canula is inserted under the skin where ultrasound vibrations break up fibrous bands that cause cellulite. Then heat is emitted to smooth the skin.

“The dimples released and the skin comes popping back up again, goodbye cellulite,” said Dr. Hughes.

Pictures from Dr. Hughes show results that are supposed to be permanent with one treatment. It takes a few months to see the final results.

“I’m loving my results right now. I definitely see a huge difference,” said Centrella..

VASERsmooth is touted as being the fastest and safest way to zap cellulite. The price starts at about three thousand dollars. There are some risks, including bruising and infection.

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