By Lisa Petrillo

MIAMI (CBS4) – Academy award winner Halle Berry returns to the big screen with weekend in the movie The Call.

Berry, often cited as one of the most beautiful women in the world, never fails to thrill when she takes to the red carpet before a premiere or awards show.

When she sat down with CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo, Berry said she tends to take the reviews of her red carpet looks in stride.

“Well you know, I just have to like it, if people don’t get it, a la Golden Globes, it’s okay, I get it and I just want to go and have fun and express myself and not everybody is going to like everything,” said Berry. “That’s something that I’ve learned the hard way. In life you can’t please everyone all the time, you have to just do you and feel good about who you are.”

In The Call Berry plays Jordan Turner, a veteran 9-1-1 operator who receives a call from a girl (Abigal Breslin) who has just been abducted. Berry’s character soon realizes that in order to save the girl’s life, she will have to confront a killer from her own past.

Morris Chestnut plays Los Angeles police office Paul Philips who works with Jordan and is also her love interest.

Berry said she spent time at an actual emergency call center to get a better understanding for her character.

“The 9-1-1 center was a big revelation to me because I’ve always wondered who these people are. I always thought they were in a bunker, you know, in case the city got set on fire, they would still be somewhere. Well they’re not in a bunker. They’re in a secluded place. It’s big, there are lots of them (operators), the phone is constantly ringing. You know they take one call, they get the person there and they’re off to the next call. It’s a process that goes on and on and on, 24 hours a day every day of the week, amazing.”

“I think I was there one day, in the actual call center, (I mean in) the made up call center not the actual call center and it was just tough trying to build a connection with Halle. Luckily we met, two days before I had to do most of my scene with her,” recalled Chestnut. “When we were talking on the phone, like she was saying she did her calls with Abigail. (When) I did my calls, I was supposed to be talking to Halle and I was talking to some dude.”

Berry and Chestnut said they think movie goers will really connect with what is happening.

“Because it can really happen and that’s terrifying. That’s the element people will connect to. If you have children or you’re a woman alone I think you would be like ‘this could happen’. It makes you think more deeply in your surroundings.”

That’s not to say these two stars didn’t make sure they had light moments on the set of this scary thriller.

“I got relationship advice from Morris in-between takes,” said Berry. “Seriously, I’d be ‘So Morris, now finish, how do I do this thing now’.” He’s the definition of a good guy so I was sucking him dry for stuff in between takes.”

“I really enjoyed working with her everyday, other than looking at her, she s a sweet person,” said Chestnut.

Take The Call this weekend in theaters.


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