CORAL SPRINGS (CBSMiami) – A South Florida raccoon with an appetite for trouble got out of a sticky situation with help from firefighters in Coral Springs.

The raccoon was dropped off at the Coral Springs Fire Rescue station with a note attached.

The raccoon had its head stuck inside of a metal soup can and the note read, “Please help. I was in the dumpster and got a soup can stuck on my head. It won’t come off. Please help me. Thank you. Rocky.

“Somebody found it, thought that we could help, took the time to bag it up so we did what we always do, if you’re stuck somewhere, we’re going to do what we can to get you,” explained Coral Springs Fire Department Captain Jason Gonzalez.

Click the image below to watch the entire video of Rocky’s rescue.

Coral Springs firefighters cuts soup can off raccoon's head. (Source: Coral Springs Fire Rescue)

Coral Springs firefighters cuts soup can off raccoon’s head. (Source: Coral Springs Fire Rescue)

One of the firefighters, who donned safety gloves, used metal cutters to carefully cut the can off the head of the squirming animal.

“Whether you’re small and furry or big and tall, if you’re a citizen, or you live in the city, were going to help you,” said Capt. Gonzalez.

Once it was freed, Rocky the raccoon quickly scampered away without even a thank you.

“We actually enjoy the weird stuff because we get a laugh out of it,” said Gonzalez.  “We get to do something different.  And have you ever seen the way we eat?  It’s not going to be long before our heads get stuck in a can, so it’s good practice.”

Wildlife officials suggest if you find an animal in trouble, don’t put it in your car, call the South Florida Wildlife Center for help.  Imagine what could have happened if that can came off the raccoon’s head while it was in the car.  You’d have a scared wild animal running around with you.


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