Dog Shoots Man – Really

SEBRING (CBSMiami) – A central Florida man is probably rethinking that whole ‘dog is a man’s best friend’ thing after his so-called best friend shot him in the leg.

Gregory Dale Lanier, 35, was in his truck with his pet pooch last Saturday when his four legged friend kicked a pistol that was on the floor, according to Highlands Today.

Lanier, who thought the gun was unloaded, was more than surprised when it went off. He said he heard the boom, saw smoke and the felt a burning sensation in his leg.

Luckily Lanier wasn’t seriously injured.

While the investigation into the shooting has not yet officially wrapped, police don’t think Lanier’s mutt will be charged with attempted murder. Instead they’ll just chock it up to an accident – a very strange accident.

Sebring Police Commander Steve Carr says he never heard of a case like this before.

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