BSO Deputy Reprimanded Over Profanity-Laced Tirade Caught On Camera

Merchant leaves and the audio stops recording. The Internal Affairs investigation performed by the Broward Sheriff’s Office reveals that Trooper Lawrence Petraglia called a supervisor because he believed Dubinski’s actions were “excessive.”

An investigator asked Petraglia, “Do you feel that (Dubinski’s) actions were professional?” Petraglia replied, “No, ma’am.”

The IA report indicates that both FHP troopers felt Merchant was “submissive” and “cooperative” during the incident.

After the IA investigation, the report shows Dubinski was given a written reprimand for conduct unbecoming an employee and returned to duty.

Investigators interviewed Jessie Merchant who said Dubinski’s comment about the alligators, “was just an expression but he had me scared.”

Merchant told investigators that Dubinski had him Baker Acted a few weeks before the incident that was caught on camera.

Dubinski also spoke to investigators. He said he spoke to Merchant in that manner “to scare him, to get him to go home.” When asked if he regretted anything he said Dubinski replied, “I probably wouldn’t have said some of the f words.”

And whether his conduct was professional Dubinski said, “In the eyes of the public, it’s probably not, but every situation is different, sometimes you have to be harsh with some people to get your point across to them that they understand and this is the way that Jessie understands and the problem was solved.”

Dubinski spoke to CBS 4’s Carey Codd over the phone Thursday and told him he was upset about the incident and said, “”I would never dream of tarnishing the image of BSO or myself.”

Dubinski said he realizes that “everybody’s gonna say it was improper but it was effective. I didn’t hurt him.”

He also said he is not appealing his punishment.

“I’m going to put it behind me and move on,” Dubinski said. “That’s how it goes.”

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