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MIAMI (CBS4) – Law enforcement officials are looking for two North Miami brothers who were picked up by their mother’s acquaintance who did not have permission to take the children.

Police say Daren Bonilla, 5, and Rey Bonilla, 3, were under the care of a babysitter Monday afternoon when they were playing in the yard of their home on the 13000 block of Northwest 7th Avenue.

The babysitter told police that an acquaintance of the children’s mother, known as “Gloria”, pulled up to the home and put the kids in her car, a silver mid-size Chevrolet SUV. Police believe the car may be a rental.

“Gloria” is described as a Latin female who about 23 years old with long brown hair. She stands 5’7″ and weighs approximately 125 pounds. She also has a tribal tattoo on her right arm.

Daren was last seen wearing a blue and yellow Spongebob Squarepants t-shirt and blue and white Nike basketball shorts. Rey was last seen wearing a blue and red shirt and red basketball shorts.

She’s going crazy up there,” Det. Felix Guadarrama said of the boys’ mother. “She wants to know if her kids are okay and where they’re at, and when she’s going to get them back.”

While the mother may be frightened, Guadarrama said he does not believe the children are in immediate danger.

The family declined to comment until after police finished their investigation.

An Amber Alert has not yet been issued because police don’t have a tag number to go along with the vehicle description, Det. Guadarrama said.

CBS 4 News spoke to neighbors who did not recognize the boys, but they said cops knocked on their doors asking questions.

Anyone with information regarding the kidnapping is urged to call (305) 471-TIPS or North Miami Police.


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