Big Story:
How bout ‘dem Canes huh? Talk about opening up a can on FSU. Maye we should have the Hurricanes scrimmage against the Heat to finally light a fire under their butt this season. Plus, the worthless Pro Bowl and Jeffrey Loria is….um….

Quote of the Day:
“Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important this is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend or a meaningful day.” – Dalai Lama

UM: (off)
Well, there’s a butt whipping, and then there’s what UM has down to Duke and FSU in consecutive games.
We all remember the throttling of Duke.
Last night it was FSU who was on the wrong end of a 71-47 score against UM at the Bank United Center.
Talking with some people here, I’m feeling more and more confident that this UM team could make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament.
They’re in the driver’s seat in the ACC and the only team that could possibly hang with them right now is maybe NC State.
Other than that, a visit to Duke in early March is the only tough game left.
Now comes the interesting part for UM…they’ve achieved success and climbed up the mountain, but now they are the hunted.
Can they manage the same intensity night in and night out as other teams give the Canes their A-game looking to knock UM off the mountain.
Here’s what I like about UM’s chances…
They have a senior-laden team, which is rare nowadays.
They have three guys who can throw down who are over 6’10” tall
They have arguably the best 1-2 punch at guard in the country right now in Scott and Larkin.
Larranaga is just a darn good coach too.
We’ll see what happens, but I’m telling you, UM could make some real noise this year.

Miami Heat: (off, next game in Brooklyn)
I was trying to think of something good to write here…
LeBron had 34 and 16 and Chris Bosh had 16 and 16…plus the Heat outrebounded the Celtics.
The Heat also committed 20 turnovers with Dwyane Wade and Bosh committing 11 of them.
The Heat shot 21.7 percent from the 3-point line, course Boston shot 25 percent from there as well.
I guess this is my problem….
Boston lost its best player last night in Rajon Rondo before the game started.
LeBron had to play 52 minutes of the game….and Miami still lost.
It doesn’t help when Mario Chalmers scores as many points as I did against the Celtics.
Here’s Chalmers’ line from the game: 0 points, 1 rebound, 2 assists, 4 personal fouls, and 3 turnovers.
Man, you have to almost try to be that bad.
Right up there with Dwyane Wade shooting 6-20 from the field….6-20?!?!
For the last few years I’ve said the team would go as far as Chris Bosh could get them…not this year.
It’s going to be on D-Wade’s shoulders and so far this season, he’s been as inconsistent as a Congressman.
Still, the Heat had a chance to win the game, as poorly as they played, but came up just short.
Reminded me so much of the Spurs game earlier this year when the team sent home Tim Duncan, etc just before the game and almost beat the Heat.

Pro Bowl:
Did anyone watch this abomination?
Mitt Romney put up a better defense than that game had.
I’ve seen a better defense out of Savannah State.
I don’t want to say the defense was bad, but even Manti Te’o’s girlfriend ran for 100 yards against them.
Anyways, what an awful game…remember when All-Star games were good?
Yeah, me either.
One note I found interesting from the NBC Broadcast….
Can you imagine…Ed Reed finishing his career as a member of….the New England Patriots!

Miami Marlins:
If you didn’t read Barry Jackson’s article on Loria’s micromanagement…you really should.
A quick summary….
Jackson destroyed Loria because of his micromanaging the roster and doing things on a whim, like sending players down to the minors for no major reason.
The article was summed up thusly…
“Jeffrey wants to be Jerry Jones and George Steinbrenner making personnel decisions, but Jones and Steinbrenner want to win,” one of the agents said. “Jeffrey wants to make money first. That’s the difference.”
Think Dan Snyder…without the investment in the team.
Not that this should surprise anyone here.
We’ve seen the abomination that the Marlins call a franchise and let’s face it…based on that alone, Loria is the worst owner in sports.
Let’s not even get to how he worked with commissioners to fleece taxpayers.
Or how he pocketed revenue sharing money instead of investing in the team, allegedly.
If you looked up bad owner, his picture would be there.
This is how bad the Marlins are…no one is coming to the game to see them, they’re coming to see the opponents.
That’s just awful.
It’s also a sad state of affairs for Miami professional sports.
Maybe Stephen Ross is starting to get it. We know Micky Arison gets it. The Panthers owners have started to come around.
All three want winners on the field and have been willing to pay for it.
The Marlins…yeah, they’re like the mob….don’t like what we did….doesn’t matter…PAY ME!


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