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MIAMI (CBS4) – Hundreds of fans of pop star Justin Bieber packed the American Airlines Arena this weekend to watch the teen idol perform live, but he was a no show.

“They said we’re going to see him. They lied to our face,” Celeste Borrero said through tears. “That’s not fair. Why would you lie to kids?”

Borrero was one of hundreds of Bieber fans that filled the AmericanAirlines Arena on Sunday for what she was told was a “Justin Bieber Concert Movie Project.”

Kids and parents from local clubs, cheerleading squads and charity organizations said they were instructed to go to the arena for the 6-hour shoot.

“We had waivers signed, parent involvement,” chaperone Arlenee Suarez said.

She said they were also under the impression Bieber himself would be there.

“We were being filmed and they told us he was going to come and he never showed,” Taylor Urra said.

She said they were told by multiple members of the production crew that Bieber would be attending. She said all she ever saw were dancers.

“He was never there,” parent Jackie Clayton said. “I have a feeling he doesn’t even know we were there.”

According to a rep from Bieber’s label, that may have been the case.

The Vice President of Media and Artist Relations for Island Def Jam Music Group said the event was actually a dress rehearsal for the dancers and Justin was never scheduled to be part of it.

She does not know who told the fans otherwise.

CBS4 News obtained a copy of the on-camera release form parents say they signed. At the top it reads, “Dolphin JB Believe LLC.” There is no official letterhead on the waiver.

The name of Justin Bieber’s current tour is “Believe” and some of his recent tweets indicate they’ve been shooting concert footage to be used in an upcoming film.

The kids thought they’d be part of the action.

“A bunch of little girls were crying. It was disappointing,” Urra said.

“They were sobbing,” Suarez explained. “I think he’s lost a few fans.”

Despite the disappointment, some admit their Bieber Fever hasn’t fizzled.

“Whatever, we still love you Justin,” one girl shouted.

CBS4 contacted the casting agency for comment but have not gotten a response.


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